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June 15, 2020

Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems to improve grid stability

Using renewable energy sources like wind and solar for power generation has helped in reducing carbon footprints and made power available to […]
June 15, 2020

Hydrogen as a fuel for next-gen mobility

Hydrogen-powered vehicles are more efficient than a combustion engine as no greenhouse gases are emitted. However, the process of generating hydrogen should […]
June 6, 2020

Software & Mobile Apps for drones and quadcopters

Software For drones and quadcopters PX4 Visit: Full version: Free PX4 is a free, open-source software used for flight control while […]
June 5, 2020

DIY: Basic Installation Of Access Control System

This article describes the basic installation of an RFID and password-based access control system. Access control systems allow only the authorised persons […]