EFY+ is the premium avatar of EFY | EFY vs EFY+

What’s Electronics For You PLUS?

Electronics For You PLUS is the premium avatar of Electronics For You.

What do you mean by ‘premium avatar’?

Taking the example of airlines, while Electronics For You is like the Economy Class, Electronics For You Plus is the Business Class. It’s for those who do want the best in life, and don’t like to compromise for the sake of price.

How’s it a ‘premium avatar’?

First, Electronics For You Plus (EFY+) is delivered through a courier service, while Electronics For You is delivered through the postal system.

Second, EFY+ comes with a DVD that contains latest software related to electronics for you to try out. This saves you from having to search the Net for what’s new, and also reduces the hassle of downloading the software. You can put 2 to 4GB of your bandwidth to another use.

Third, EFY+ comes with additional pages of editorial which feature content related to the software loaded on the DVD.

Fourth, EFY+ is printed on better paper, which results in better printing quality too.

Overall, EFY+ provides more value for the customer who’s willing to pay a premium for it.

What’s the difference in cost of EFY and EFY+?

Electronics For You is priced at Rs 60, while Electronics For You PLUS is priced at Rs 100*. (Please note that the pricing information may have changed—so check out our subscription page for latest information on the same.)

Is EFY+ also available on news-stands?

Yes, EFY+ is distributed along with EFY, and is available in most news-stands that sell EFY.

Can I subscribe to EFY+?

Yes, you can. Simply go to the Subscription Section and subscribe.

Are the advertisements in EFY+ different from EFY?

No. EFY+ features all advertisements published in EFY. At times, EFY+ may feature extra marketing editorial or advertising supplements—but whatever is there in EFY, will be there in EFY+.