Editorial Calendar - Electronics for You


2020 Theme/Focus AreasArtificial IntelligenceTech FocuseStyle Buyers' Guide
JanuaryAnniversary Issue/Tech TrendsAI for smart home and smart city
Smart Consumers driving smart industries Laptops priced under Rs 25k
FebruaryAugmented & Extended RealityAI for news, publishing and writingAR-based solutions for businesses 1. Top AR and VR headsets       
2. CES Event Report
MarchAutomotive & Electric VehiclesAI in logistics & transportationIntelligent Transportation & Mobility system Top solar-powered vehicles
AprilHealthcareAI in telemedicine and telehealthRole of Data Analytics in healthcareAI-based healtcare equipment for hospitals
MayQuantum ComputingAI for manufacturingHigh-Performance Computing - QuantumComputing Top Quantam Computing Platforms for 2020
June Drones & Quadcopters*AI and hybrid dronesAI in surveillance and securityLatest and upcoming drones for industry manufacturing
July Strategic ElectronicsAI for military operationsAI & ML to enhance the performance of semiconductors and electronicsPowerful smartphones with powerful batteries and processors
AugustEducation & Skill DevelopmentAI in education industryTechnologies in Education & Skill DevelopmentCutting-edge gadgets that are making schools and classrooms smarter
SeptemberAI, Robotics & CobotsAI in humanoid robotsExoskeletons for healthcareTop AI powered speaker under Rs 15K
OctoberRenewable EnergyAI in fighting global
climate change
Electricity from snow, plastic, and any other raw materials (other than water and solar)Top solar and wind power panels
NovemberBots & Conversational AppsAI in customer service industryRobotic Process Automation

Top free bots and converstauonal apps

DecemberBlockchain*AI and blockchain -
A perfect match
Blockchain for Travel and TourismTop and new antivirus software for malwares/Top blockchain platforms