January Intro Modern sensor technology and their applications Latest wireless standards and their applications T&M calibrations -Where to go Circuit design and analysis - The golden rules Smart TVs Smart City Framework Electronic system design
February IoT The role of sensors in Internet of Things(IoT) Wireless technology for IoT T&M for IoT applications Designing IoT applications 4G Phones Under 10K Technologies for taking Internet to remote areas (like whitespace) Automation
March Medical Embedded sensors for critical applications - like Medical and nuclear Wireless technology for medical applications T&M for medical applications Designing Electro-Medical Equipment Air Purifiers (top end) Smart wearables, fabrics, embeddables, etc. – basically technology that you can wear Biosensors
April Industrial Sensors for industrial applications Wireless technology for industrial applications Whats new in Thermal Imaging Industrial Testing Design For Power Conversion In Inverter Energy Efficient & Smart Acs (with Inverters) Hyper-convergence: Software-centric Electronics manufacturing services (EMS)
May Defence Sensors for defense Wireless technology for defense What's new in Test & Measurement Equipment For Defense What's New In Wireless Charging Top End Mobile Phones Sensors (platforms like IP500 would come under this) Security & Surveillance
June Aviation Sensors for aviation Wireless technology for navigation T&M for aviation applications IoT Design Boards Security Cameras for Home (Night Vision) Solid State Arrays Energy storage
July Robotics/VR Sensors for robotics and AIs The role of wireless control in drones and UAVs Latest T&M Equipment For Power Electronics Design guide for virtual reality Wireless Speakers Below 10K Smart robotics Electronic system design
August Automotive Sensors for automobile industry Wireless technology for automobile industry What's new in Test & Measurement Equipment For Automotive Latest chips for automotive electronics Electronics in Cars Below 15L Infrastructure as a Service Automotive
September Consumer Sensors for consumer electronics Wireless technology for home automation What's new in Test & Measurement for 5G & 4G High Security Designs for Remote Controls Wifi Router for Homes (Best of Breed in terms of reach) Mobile Money Printed, Organic & Flexible electronics
October Deep-sea sensors for deep-sea applications Wireless technology in security and safety applications T&M for wireless applications Whats new in memories LED Tube Lights Innovations in lighting (protocols, technology, applications – things like controlled environment farming, KNX would come under this) 3D Printing
November Security Sensors for security applications Wireless computer network technology T&M for rugged applications Antenna designs for RF applications Laptops for Home (Below 30K) Quantum dot tech Super capacitors
December Agro Sensors for agriculture and environment monitoring Wireless technology for farming Various sensors for T&M Safety Materials For PCB Boards DIY Secuity Cameras (Storage on the Net) Bring your own device (BYOD) – software-centric technology for devices Electronics manufacturing equipment