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June 15, 2020
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June 15, 2020

Automated Food Cooking

With the introduction of advanced technologies such as cooking robots, people can enjoy hassle-free cooking and save considerable time. The goal of using such innovations is to cook hygienic food at a quicker pace

In this fast-paced world, after a tiring job of cooking, you barely get time for anything else. While ordering food on a daily basis can affect your health, hiring a perfect maid can also be a difficult task. However, with the introduction of advanced technologies such as cooking robots and machines, you can enjoy hassle-free cooking and save considerable time and effort.

These robots and machines work through robotic arms with multiple joints, numerous actuated degrees of freedom, tactile sensors, and sophisticated control systems. These technologies feature the best of industry’s software, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) skills with top-tier culinary expertise. The major players in restaurants, industries, airlines, kitchen developers, and even chef training schools are also looking to deploy these new innovations.

The goal is not to automate away humans entirely but to automate the portion of the restaurant experience that can be done better, faster, and be more cost-efficient with machines.

The following are four smart automated cooking machines:

Euphotic Delight Cooking Machine.
What’s so smart about it? Well, the machine by Euphotic Lab starts cooking food of your choice on one touch of a button or through an app command. It has the capability of cooking a variety of dishes, tailored according to your taste and preference. You just need to prepare a vegetable plate at night, store it in the fridge and load the plate into the device before heading to work. You can access this automated cooking machine from anywhere via an app to give commands to cook food. On arriving home, you will get fresh and healthy homemade food. It can cook almost all Indian recipes like Indian curries, rice dishes, sambhar, poha, upma, and many more. The most exciting part is that your mother can teach it different recipes through live camera feed.

Moley Robotic Kitchen. It is an advanced, fully functional robot that cooks with the same speed, skill, and sensitivity of a master chef. The Moley Robotic Kitchen has an inbuilt library of recipes from around the world. You just need to prepare a plate with ingredients, give a command via the app or use the touchscreen, and let the robot prepare a delicious meal. You can also download a recipe and cook yourself.

Creator Burger-Making Robot. This robot features around 350 sensors and twenty microcomputers to produce the best, freshest, and locally sourced cheeseburger for just six dollars. The machine is also capable of making multiple kinds of burgers, with a vastly different taste, ingredients, and condiment combinations.

It is a well-programmed robot that can cook food faster than people. Touchscreens and mobile ordering cut down on long lines and clumsy interactions with cashiers. This robot helps humans to focus on creating better recipes and tastier food while maintaining cheaper bills for customers.

It is a fully automated, end-to-end burger assembly line running completely on codes. It uses computer vision and other AI features to operate a grill. On completion, a human server takes the burger out, inspects it for quality, and preps it neatly on a plate.

RoboChef. This fully automated robotic kitchen can cook 800+ recipes, powered by IoT, robotics, and AI. RoboChef solves your food wastage problems through precise measuring cups and sensor fusion technology. You can record or customise a recipe and cook it whenever you like. You just need to choose a recipe from the app or RoboChef control screen, load the ingredients, and select start cooking. It has zero CO2 emissions and 24/7 monitoring. It provides intelligent, hygienic, and predictive maintenance.

Here are a few of the countless advantages of automated cooking robots: save time, consistent, safe to use, more hygienic, trustworthy, and personalised.

—Deepshikha Shukla