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A Travel Tool That Solves Luggage Woes

Travelling is one of the most fun things to do as it gives us memories to cherish forever. But often, we find that luggage becomes the worst part of the process. VAGO, founded by Leon, came up with an on-the-go compression device in April 2016 to solve the luggage issues—it was a successfully-backed Kickstarter project.

About ideation, Bianca, sales manager, VAGO, says, “While we travel, we always wish to bring a lot of souvenirs back home. However, it is challenging to fit all of them in our bag due to space constraints. Our aim is to create more space in the exist-ing luggage to make packing easier and efficient. We designed VAGO for travellers all over the world, so they could bring more things after or before the trip.”

Already-available vacuum bags give us the option of squeez-ing air out forcibly through a pump or vacuum cleaner. The Taiwan-based startup created multiple proto-types for over a year before coming up with the final product. Regarding the current product, Chao says, “VAGO, the small, portable vacuum device, could help users save more than fifty per cent luggage space by compress-ing soft items automatically in their baggage. “Besides, it is very easy to use by connecting with micro-USB and power sources like a plug or power bank. We use aerodynamic technol-ogy to design our product, and the size of the current product is only thirty per cent of the prototype, yet the vacuum power is 2.7 times of the household vacuum machine.

This design has already earned us many patents from all over the world.” With a diameter of 36mm and a height of 70mm, the device weighs about 77 grams. Vacuum bags used with it are manufactured by the com-pany itself, and come with a slider and a double zipper. A high-strength polymer material is used for the bags to handle the pressure easily. The bags are available in three sizes: small (36cm×36cm),medium (50cm×60cm) and large (70cm×100cm). Once the vacuum bags are filled with travel parapher-nalia, they need to be zipped such that there are no air gaps. The product uses a special kind of adaptor to connect with the bag. On pushing the power button, the vacuum motor starts and the process completes within a few minutes, depending on the amount of stuff inside the bag.

The smart sensor present inside the device detects the pressure and stops on its own after the process is complete. While working, it makes a low, 50dB noise. Its light bar turns from red to green once vacuuming is com-plete.

The user can then unscrew the product. To take out the items, one can simply open the bag, when soft items will start to expand back to their original size and shape.

An advantage of this product is that vacuum prevents odour-ema-nating bacteria in worn clothes from growing and producing a foul smell. It is available in white, black, purple and pink colours.Chao says, “We are currently focusing on B2B model and are look-ing for distribution channels all over the world to expand our market.

VAGO has already sold in more than twenty countries and has collaborated with many well-known channels. “In the future, we are planning to collaborate with more travel-related, well-known 3C stores (electronic stores) and airline-related channels. We are also planning to collaborate with travel-related influencers, and join exhibitions to expand our market and brand awareness in India.”