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August  2017 3
Fan Speed increasing Regulator Using PIC16F73
Arduino-Based Smartphone Controlled Robot Car
Demo Of 555 Timer-Based Astable Multivibrator Using MATLAB
July  2017 4
Voting Machine Using AVR Microcontroller
Countdown Timer
Centre-of-Mass Extraction Using MATLAB
Arduino Based Digital IC Tester Using MATLAB
June  2017 5
Auto reversible DC motor with speed and rotation control
Ultra-low-power sensor hub using nRF24L01 modules
Electronic tone generator system
PC-based oscilloscope using Arduino
Image compression using discrete cosine transform technique
May  2017 4
Arduino based Windows PC volume remote control
Make Your Own Remote-Controlled Robot
Precision Stopwatch
Electronic voting machine demo using MATLAB GUI
April  2017 5
Short-Range FM Radio Station
Diode Tester Using MATLAB Based GUI
Serial Interface Using Python Software
Real-Time Face Recognition Using Python And OpenCV
Memory Design Using Verilog
March  2017 5
Arduino Based Digital Capacitance Meter: An Interrupt Based Approach
Duck Hunt Game Using Arduino And Python
IoT Based Notification System Using Android App
RGB Colour Detector Using TCS3200 Sensor Module
Time For A Break
February  2017 2
USB Interface Using Python Software
Line Frequency Meter Based On Reciprocal Counting
January  2017 3
GUI Based Error Correction In Data Communication Using MATLAB
Ultrasonic Distance Meter Using Raspberry Pi 2
IoT-Enabled Air Pollution Meter With Digital Dashboard On Smartphone