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March  2012   Issue Vol. 44  No. 3 

Technology Focus
Robot Mules, Birds and Snakes Helping on the Warfront
From drones and other surveillance bots, to robotic surgeons and payload carriers, robots are lending a helping hand to military forces in many countries. But it will be long, or never, before these replace man on the warfront. After all, they have neither heart and mind, nor any reason to fight

Buyers’ Guide
Kits That Maketh Robots
Robots are making their presence felt. These indomitable marvels are not just confined to high-tech labs but being created in our own drawing rooms—thanks to robotic kits
Circuit Ideas
Servo Motor Tester
When using a servo motor in a project, if the servo motor does not respond as per the input, how to make sure that the fault is not in the servo motor but the circuit or logic?
EFY Report
Test & Measurement What’s Coming Up Next
While today’s technology offers solutions for monitoring or remote reporting via mobile devices, test organisations need new expertise to unite the networking, Web services and mobile app portions of the solution
Ensuring Quality and Reliability of Electronic Systems
Learn about the design steps to be followed to make a quality and reliable product
Are Solar PV Farms Polluting?
Generating solar power using photovoltaic (PV) cells is not a zero-emission technology. However, following all international standards and protocols is considered adequate to curb pollution
Software optimisation helped us greatly reduce the chipset cost
AllGo Embedded Systems was founded by professionals with a total of 70+ years of experience in DSP and embedded system development. Their solution development experience spans automotive infotainment systems, high-definition video, shortrange wireless, consumer audio systems and CD players. Darshak Vasavada, co-founder of AllGo Embedded Systems, speaks to Dilin Anand, technical correspondent at EFY, about Stamp—a low-cost customisable tablet developed by AllGo
eStyle First look!
. Android Smartphones
. Set-top Box with Digital Video Recorder
. Sparkling Laptops
. Sensing Notebook
. Multimedia Keyboard-Mouse Combo
. 5.1-channel Mutimedia Speakers
. GizMo ByTes
. 3D Touch Phone
. Portable Projector

EFY Expo 2012: A Big Show, Resulting In Bigger Business
U nder the cloud of a global economic slowdown and the depreciating rupee, everyone thought that organising an electronics exposition would be a bad idea. Yet, EFY proved this wrong.
Software Section
Holi e-Card in ‘C’
e-cards are digital greeting cards created on the Web and sent through e-mail. With the festival of colours ‘Holi’ round the corner, here we present an e-card program for Holi greetings that is written in ‘C’ language.
Download source code
Circuit Ideas
Home Appliances Control Using Telephone
Using this circuit, you can control up to seven electrical appliances through a telephone. The circuit can switch on/off the appliances in two modes.
Dynamic Display Using LED Strip
Surface-mount device (SMD) LEDs are becoming popular because of their low power consumption and high brightness. These LEDs are readily available in the market in many colours both as single LEDs and LED strips.
Download source code
Automatic Car Parking Space Management System
Car parking lots in buildings are usually managed manually with manned kiosks that allow the cars into the parking lot based on the space available.
Download source code
Circuit Ideas
1Hz Precision Clock Timer
This timer makes an LED flash once every second along with a beep. The timing circuit uses a quartz crystal available in digital watches or clocks which generates precise frequency of 32.768 kHz.
Circuit Ideas
Dual-Colour Stroboscope
Stroboscope is a device used to make a cyclically moving object appear slow-moving or stationary. This is realised by illuminating the object intermittently with short pulses of light.
Low-Temperature Electronics for Space
Cryogenic robotics, low-temperature electronics and high-temperature superconductivity need collaboration to shape the future of lunar research and exploration
Are You Ready to Transit to IPv6?
What is IPv6, what if you don’t transit to it and how to do it best—find out
Why WiMAX Will Not Fail
WiMAX provides robust access control, data privacy and data integrity using sophisticated authentication and encryption technologies. This article investigates the architecture enabling the high-level security
‘Made For Mobile’ Microprocessors
There is a great degree of mobile-desktop convergence happening, as palpable from the current-generation tablets and smartphones. Yet, mobile devices have special requirements that require special processors
Circuit Protection for AC LED Lighting Systems
Pairing a polymeric positive temperature coefficient device with a metal-oxide varistor
provides a completely resettable and coordinated circuit protection solution for AC LED lighting systems
After BE What, M.Tech or MBA?
Engineering graduates having a management degree are perfect for project management, front-end sales, field applications and customer facing jobs. However, if an organisation is innovation hungry, pure engineering with master’s specialisation is a lethal combination
Robot That Breathes Life Into AC Ducts
DuctBot can inspect and easily travel inside the sleek confines of the air-conditioner ducts and cleanse them of all the dust and grime, enhancing the energy efficiency of the airconditioner
Electronics can benefit from multiphysics simulation
Bjorn Sjodin, VP, product management, COMSOL Inc. and Vineet Dravid, managing director, COMSOL India, spoke to Jalaja Ramanunni of EFY Bengaluru, about the relevance of multiphysics in the field of electronics, product capabilities and its efficiencies
Circuit Ideas
Active Reflector for Pedestrian Safety
Pedestrians crossing roads in badly-lit areas, particularly at night or in the early morning, run a risk of accident. There are readymade arm bands available that reflect the light of incoming traffic to catch the attention of the drivers.
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March 2018
Issue Vol. 50 No. 3

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