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February  2018   Issue Vol. 6  No. 5 

Developers - Insight
Ten Popular Open Source Tools for Developers
Here is a selection of the ten most popular open source tools for developers, along with a brief introduction to each.

For U & Me - Overview
Ten Emerging Open Source Technologies
This article covers emerging open source technologies—the many trends that drive success today and will do so in the future. These range from how the entire tech industry is getting reshaped by digital transformation and the makeover of all tech enterprises from ‘Digital Immigrants’ to ‘Digital Natives’, to the rise of innovation accelerators and the emergence of next generation open source tech platforms.
Admin - Overview
Top 10 Open Source Tools for Linux Systems Administrators
Linux systems administrators need a number of tools to keep their systems well-oiled and running smoothly at peak efficiency levels. Here is a set of ten tools which will help them, whether they are newbies or veterans getting a refresher course.
Admin - How To
DevOps Series Ansible Deployment of Nginx with SSL
This is the 12th article in the DevOps series. It is a tutorial on installing Nginx with SSL. Nginx is a high performance Web server and can be used as a load balancer.
OpenGurus - Let's Try
All About Edge Computing Architecture, Open Source Frameworks and IoT Solutions
An IoT solution is an amalgamation of hardware, software and networking capabilities. Edge computing is required for any successful and optimised IoT solution. There are various open source frameworks available for edge computing in the IoT space. This article introduces some of them.
For U & Me - Interview
“We'll continue to engage with and empower the developer community”
Over the years, and particularly in 2017, chatbots have found wide applications in large enterprises, enabling a better understanding of consumer behaviour. Innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are expected to further enhance the features of chatbots. In a recent conversation, Ravi Pinto, director - product management, Oracle Cloud Platform, shared the significance of open source in Oracle’s intelligent bots with Syeda Beenish of OSFY. He also talked about the success of ‘Oracle Code’, a free event for developers. Edited excerpts…
For U & Me - Open Journey
“From being a consumer of open source India is now a significant contributor to it”
As I waited at the coffee shop to interview one of India’s pioneering open source experts in Gurugram (Gurgaon), a slim man walked towards me and with a pleasant smile, asked if I was Syeda Beenish from OSFY. As we chatted about technology and open source, I could sense that Kishore Bhargava, CEO, Linkaxis Technologies, and an early adopter of FOSS, was an excellent leader. He had no airs about him, and his deep understanding of technology left me spellbound. Over a cup of coffee, he recounted his journey in India’s software industry and talked about how open source has evolved in India. The excerpts…
For U & Me - Overview
The Top Five Open Source Project Management Tools for Your Business
Project management software tools enable efficient management of business processes. In this article, we take a look at the most effective open source project management tools that businesses can implement to achieve excellence.
For U & Me - Overview
Top Ten Android Smartphones and Tablets
It is a bit difficult to choose a smartphone today, as there is a bewildering variety of phones in the market. This article will help the reader make an intelligent choice.
For U & Me - Overview
The Top Twelve Open Source Projects of 2017
2017 has been a year in which open source software has flourished. This presentation offers a bird’s eye view of the past year’s best offerings in software.
Admin - Overview
Six Popular Open Source Cloud Platforms for the Enterprise
Most of us use cloud services even though we are unaware that we are doing so. Many social media platforms, if not all, are cloud based. A PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offering is a third party model in which the service provider offers software and hardware tools, usually for application development. This article discusses a selection of cloud platforms.
Admin - Overview
A Quick Comparison of the Five Best Big Data Frameworks
The constant generation of huge quantities of data needs data management and analysis. Let’s take a look at how the five best Apache Big Data frameworks compare in doing that.
Admin - Overview
Ten Effective Commands for Systems Administrators
Systems administrators need a bag of tricks to ensure that everything runs smoothly without any hitches. Linux has a fine set of utilities and commands to assist sysadmins in their task. Mastering these tools will take the efficiency levels of Linux admins to a whole new level.
Developers - How To
Automate File Classification with this Python Program
Unclutter your Downloads folder in Windows with this extremely useful file classifier which is written in Python. After running this script, you will be able to manage your downloads with ease.
Developers - Insight
What is the Singleton Design Pattern?
A Singleton design pattern ensures that only one instance of a class is created.
Developers - Insight
Using a Single Sign-on in Java based Web Applications
Authentication to several related but independent software systems by logging in with a single user ID and password is called single sign-on. It is an access control property, whereby the user can seamlessly gain access to multiple connected systems without separately signing in with different user names and passwords.
Developers - Overview
Top Ten Open Source Tools for Building Websites
You can build a website to grow your business using these popular free and open source website building tools.
Developers - Let's Try
An Introduction to NumPy
Numerical Python or NumPy is a Python programming language library that supports large, multi-dimensional arrays and matrices, and comes with a vast collection of highlevel mathematical functions to operate on these arrays.
OpenGurus - Overview
Top FOSS Tools that Assist Scholarly Research
Free and open source software has a lot to offer research scholars and higher education students in carrying out their academic activities in an efficient manner. These tools assist in surveying the literature, managing references, drafting manuscripts and theses, making presentations, building graphical illustrations and in collaborating with peers.
OpenGurus - Overview
Free and Open Source Tools for Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology
The entry of open source tools in the life sciences arena has proven to be a boon. Open source tools can be used in the predictive and diagnostic fields to provide better medical treatment. Through their use in brain mapping and DNA studies, open source tools can even be used to combat crime.
OpenGurus - Overview
Top Ten Open Source Tools for Mathematicians
It’s that time of the year when lists of all kinds are being made. So why not a list of open source tools to be used by mathematicians? The authors of this article have sifted through a number of tools and have come up with a selection that will be of immense use to mathematicians.

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