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August  2017   Issue Vol. 49  No. 8 

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Green Technology Why Should You Invest?
The world is changing and one of the effects of these changes is on how we consume energy. The global annual average consumption of conventional energy has increased by 1.8 per cent, overall, from 2011 till 2017.

Tech Focus
3D Printing Quickens Manufacturing, Customises Healthcare, And More
There is a lot you can do with a 3D printer. You can create doll houses and toys for your children, or decorative objects for your home. You can print chocolate in various shapes.
Ensuring Lower Thermal Dissipation For Higher Efficiency
A renowned manufacturing firm incurred heavy monetary losses when clients returned 5000 units of its LED lights after discovering that the supplied units failed within a few hours of usage.
From Graphene To Borophene Electronics
The discovery of graphene in 2004 by two researchers, Prof. Andre Geim and Prof. Kostya Novoselov at the University of Manchester (UK), created quite an excitement. This pioneering work won the duo Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.
How To Reduce Size And Weight Of Pulse Load Power Supply
There are a number of electronics devices that require clear, pulsed power supply. For instance, power consumption of contemporary high-performance processor devices directly depends on the dynamic load of the processor and can vary over a very wide range within a short time.
Betty: The Super Power To Save Power
Electricity bills form a major part of office and household running costs. For organisations, average electricity consumption accounts for 19 per cent of the running expenditure.
Fan Speed increasing Regulator Using PIC16F73
Voltage dips in mains supply make fans run very slow, leaving you sweaty through hot summers, especially if you don’t own an air-conditioner (AC). Voltage may also dip because of an AC drawing a large current, causing the fan to slow down.
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Arduino-Based Smartphone Controlled Robot Car
Nowadays smartphones can be used to control a host of electrical and electronic devices including motors, music systems and lights.
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Demo Of 555 Timer-Based Astable Multivibrator Using MATLAB
In analogue electronics, oscillators and their implementation using integrated circuits (ICs) is an important subject.
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Bench Power Supply Using A Computer’s Power Supply
A good bench power supply is the most vital equipment for electronics engineers and hobbyists. However, bench power supplies used in R&D labs are costly.
Solar Garden Light
Most houses have backyard gardens or some open
areas. Installing a garden light there provides visibility at night. But there can be problems in its installation since the wiring may hamper movement and disturb plants in the garden.
Simple Usb Interface Signal Monitor
Presented here is a simple, low-cost USB interface signal monitoring circuit. It can be used to monitor signal activity for most of the USB interfaces.
eStyle Do-It-Yourself
How To Stream Videos From Your Mobile To TV Screen
If you want to play videos and other media from your mobile phone or laptop on the big screen of your television, you have come to the right place! Most of the casting devices out there in the market implement similar setup process with
slight variations in the hardware and installation.
eStyle Buyers' Guide
Choosing The Best Smartphone Under Rs 10,000
If you want a smartphone with the best of features but not costing more than Rs 10,000, this guide can help you get the best value for your money. It explains what the different smartphone specifications represent and what’s available from various brands.
Optical Slave Flash Trigger
In digital cameras, the slave flash is part of an external flashgun (or speedlight) that sits quiet until it sees a bright light.
Innovation From Workplace to Garden

. Store up to 2TB in a flash drive
. Unified threat management at work, at home
. Connected whiteboard that saves your work
. Laser distance measurer capable of problem solving
. A weeding robot from the maker of Roomba
. A smart indoor garden that’s sure to grow
Smart World
Why Everyone Is Switching To open source
While open source may be just another tech jargon to you, it has transformed operations for many organisations in the past and can intrinsically bring an all-new experience for your company, too.
Internet of Things
“The Best Opportunities Are At The Intersection If Industries”

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are evolving day-by-day and opening up new gateways for progress and innovation. In a conversation with Paromik Chakraborty of Electronics For You, Shekhar Sanyal, director and country Head, IET India, talks about the business opportunities for startups in IoT space, impact of IoT on industries and endeavours of the IoT Congress
Smart World
Keep Stress At Bay with Vehicle Tracking Systems
In 2012, Arjun S. Kumar, then 13-year-old school student from Chennai, was caught in a cyclone-induced heavy rain while returning home by the school bus, leaving his parents worried about his whereabouts and wellbeing.
Smart World
Artificial Intelligence On Hire!
Almost everyone agrees that artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big thing for businesses. But, is there any AI platform ready for you to deploy? While IBM’s Watson is the most widely known AI platform, there are many more for you to hire.
IT At Airports: Today And Tomorrow
Amsterdam’s Schiphol and London Heathrow airports have installed self-service biometric passport gates that use facial recognition technology.
Embedded (Part 1 of 2)
FPGAs in Data Centres: Opportunities And Challenges
Data centres play a major role in expanding the enterprise computing capabilities. These are a centralised repository for storage, management and dissemination of data and information.
Make In India (Market Survey)
Lighting The LED Way
The lighting market in India is evolving rapidly, moving from conventional products to LEDs. This transition is driven by the government’s emphasis on energy conservation, rising consumer awareness about energy- fficient products, and innovative products offered by the industry that are in sync with the overall trend of digitisation.
Test & Measurement
Automatic Test Equipment Becoming Modular
Widely adopted in highly demanding engineering sectors, automated test equipment (ATE) are now silently making inroads in less capital- ntensive sectors like lighting, too. Lighting majors are starting to realise the cost and labour benefits of using ATE in PCB testing.
ICTs For 21st Century Learning
Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have brought about a paradigm shift in education.
eStyle First Look
. Apple iPad Pro
. Samsung Galaxy On Max Smartphone
. Smart Touch-Screen Mirror
. 122cm Full HD Smart TV
. Full Frame Camera
. Portable One-box Audio System
. Wireless Presenter

Industry News (Make in India)
Global Hi-Fi system market to grow 5.2 per cent annually
The global Hi-Fi system market will grow annually at 5.2 per cent to reach $12.463 billion by 2022, from $9.674 billion in 2017— according to WiseGuyReports market research firm.
Tech News (Technology Updates)
The brain of drones miniaturised
Engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have designed a computer chip that uses a fraction of the power of larger drone computers and is tailored for drones as small as bottlecaps.
EDA To Numerical Analysis Made Easy
The following software, besides other, can be found in the DVD accompanying EFY Plus edition of this magazine
Ease Your Numerical Analysis With Octave 4.2.1
To calculate the area of a circle, you can follow the simple formula of πr2 (where ‘r’ is the radius of the circle). But, calculating the mathematical value of ‘π’ beyond nine digits involves a technique called numerical analysis.
OpenAPC: The Process Control Software
OpenAPC (short for ‘open automatic process control’) is an open source SCADA software that finds wide-ranging applications from automating readings and alarms for automation systems to laser engraving.
Zerynth 2.0.5: The IoT Platform
The Internet of Things (IoT) gives users access to geographically distant places through smart applications running on it.
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