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April  2017   Issue Vol. 49  No. 4 

Tech Focus
Virtual Reality now moving Towards Real-Life Scenarios
Virtual reality (VR) allows experiences from a very different perspective than we are used to...

Self-Healing Electronics: On The Way
As electronic devices are evolving to perform more sophisticated tasks, manufacturers are packing as much density onto a chip as possible...
A Filterless Design For Air-Pollution Control
This article takes a look at the causes, effects and control of air pollution in the urban environment...
Everything You May Like To Know About Infrared Water Faucets
Infrared (IR) water faucets (touch-free faucets) look modernistic, and can significantly increase the style level in a luxurious bathroom...
Ten Problems You Can Solve With A Multimeter
We live in a pool of electronic instruments and gadgets that we use extensively in our daily lives...
Augmented Reality: How Real Is The Interaction
Not many people were aware of the concept of augmented reality until Pokémon Go came in to the picture...
Power Supply
DC Power Distribution: Need To Think Of Current Situation
In India, electrical distribution infrastructure is not well extended in rural areas...
Chip Design
Hybrid Emulation And The Challenges Ahead
Hybrid emulation is a technique that combines emulation and virtual prototyping to enable earlier architecture optimisation and software development, as well as higher performance for software-driven register-transfer level (RTL) verification even when critical IP RTL is not available...
Solving The Software Needs Of An Instrumentation Engineer

Smart Coding techniques And Their Benefits For Electronics
Electronic devices feature a large number of small components, each piece being highly important to their overall functionality and safety...
Increasing Processing Power Of DIY and hobbyist Development Boards
Ever since Arduino came into being, development boards have become a very common tool among engineers trying to design various kinds of circuits...
Bolt IoT: Hardware And Cloud Platform For IoT Products
Over the past few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been an evolving trend for most startups...
Internet of Things: “There will be more than 300 per cent increase in investment in AI in 2017”
Gopal Govindharajan, senior sales engineer - India OEM, Dell EMC, speaks with Shanosh Kumar from EFY about the latest disruptions in Blockchain, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and other interesting technology trends in the Internet of Things (IoT) space, which is no longer in its infancy
Artificial Intelligence: “In The Next Industrial Revolution, The Commodity will Be AI”
We have been hearing a lot about the Internet of Things (IoT) in the last few years. What comes next? Venkat Mattela, founder, chairman and chief executive officer, Redpine Signals Inc., speaks with Dilin Anand from EFY.
Test & Measurement
Making Devices Safe With IS 13252 Standard Compliance
Electronics makes our lives easier and interesting, but it can bring in several regulations for various reasons...
Make In India
Viewpoint: Switching From Service To Value-Added Economy
I am very happy ever since I found out that even the USA would be following India in giving top priority to local value addition through manufacturing and create some real wealth...
Make In India
Indian PCB Industry: Opportunities And Challenges
Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are deployed in almost all electronic products, ranging from consumer gadgets such as PCs, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles to industrial and high-tech products in strategic and medical electronics domains...
Buyers’ Guide: You Can Have Lots Of Fun With VR Headsets

Serial Interface Using Python Software
Presented here is a project for a simple transistor’s output characteristic curve-tracer program through the serial interface and PIC microcontroller using Python programming language...
Download source code
Short-Range FM Radio Station
This article shows you how to build a small radio station at home and share music with others...
Download source code
Dual-Laser Security System Using An Old Feature Phone
A security system having a single laser beam may not be very effective as any moving object or animal can interrupt it, causing a false alarm...
Diode Tester Using MATLAB Based GUI
Testing of digital or analogue electronic systems typically needs application of a set of test stimuli to the inputs of the device under test (DUT) and analysing the output responses using a response analyser...
Download source code
Stereo Amplifier Using TDA7052 ICs For Portable Devices
Portable devices like personal computers, MP3 players, sound recorders, telephones and audible sensors are frequently in need of additional amplifiers to produce sufficient sound...
Wireless Gate Alarm
This wireless gate alarm uses infrared (IR) and 433MHz RF modules. IR transmitter unit emits 36kHz signal and is fitted on one side of the gate’s frame...
Real-Time Face Recognition Using Python And OpenCV
A real-time face-recognition system is capable of identifying or verifying a person from a video frame...
Download source code
Memory Design Using Verilog
Presented here is a memory design project using Verilog hardware description language (HDL).
Download source code
SimulIDE For Simulating Electronic Circuits
Hobbies are fascinating stuff. Be it listening to music, reading novels or going to the gym, the pleasure they give is what makes these tick...
CircuitMod: Modifying The Approach To Circuit Simulation
A dark, black screen. Symbols of a resistor, a capacitor and an inductor...
Electronic System Design: Begin With XSCHEM
The need for a schematic editor arises from the complex electronic systems that were once manually drawn by engineers and designers...
Tech News
IBM Watson-powered robot Chintu unveiled
IBM, in collaboration with Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), Pune, has introduced Chintu, a cognitive assistant powered by IBM Watson that will assist senior citizens in conducting everyday tasks...
Make in India: Industry News
IDC predicts 3D printing to be mainstream in Asia within three years
The 3D printing industry was relatively quiet in 2016...
New Products
.Test & Measurement

eStyle: First Look
.Home theatre system from Sony
.Hicare and Blueair introduce air purifiers
.LeEco smart TVs launched in India
.Smartphone from LG
.Wireless Bluetooth earbuds from Zoook
.Fastrack unveils activity tracker
.Pioneer India launches enclosed subwoofers
.GizMo ByTes

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