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February  2018   Issue Vol. 50  No. 2 

Internet For All: Ways To Achieve
At a time when we use the Internet for everything from communications and education to shopping and navigation, millions of people across the world live several kilometres away from base stations without access to mobile networks.

Electronic Senses To Touch Us All
Electronics development has progressed well to replicate the human body’s five basis senses with electronic devices called e-skin, e-tongue, e-nose, hearing aids and electronic eye.
Next Generation Solar Power Technology (Part 1 of 2)
The sun blesses the earth with enough energy in one hour to fulfill all of our energy needs for a year.
How To Design IoT Syst ems
The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a technology of the future. Smart cities, connected industries and smart households have indeed ushered in an era where machines can communicate.
Special Processors To Drive IoTs And Wearables (Part 2 of 2)
The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a technology of the future. Smart cities, connected industries and smart households have indeed ushered in an era where machines can communicate.
Touchless Drinking Water Dispenser Made in India
The first scene of the movie Project Almanac inspired Realment Labs team to experiment with touchless and gesture control technologies.
“Just Connecting Some Piece Of Hardware To The
Internet Doesn’t Mean You Are Now An Iot Expert"

Paresh Patel is the founder of System Level Solutions (SLS), and has expertise in a range of subjects related to electronics and IoT—including design and development of ASICs, FPGAs, PCBs, et al. He is now driving SLS to make it a giant in the IoT sector. Rahul Chopra from EFY spoke to him on how the IoT
industry is shaping up, and SLS plans to address the opportunities it presents
Test & Measurement
How Testing Of IoT Syst ems Differs
Nowadays most electronic devices are being designed with a touch of the Internet of Things (IoT). Test and measurement (T&M) plays a big role in successful mass-deployment of the IoT.
Buyers Guide
CellPhone Signal Booster For Your Office
Mobile signal boosters are often used to overcome network issues inside office premises. Network unavailability might be caused due to the infrastructure or the location.
Internet Of Things
Wireless Technologies For IoT
The global technological advancement is all about dumb physical things interacting and solving problems for ‘us,’ an intelligent species.
Circuit Tool, Databases And Fun Stuff
. MySQL 5.7
. SQLite 3.21
. WampServer 3.1
. MongoDB 3.6.0
. Firebird 3.0
. VeeCAD
. Magarena 1.90
. DreamChess
Geofencing: Technology’s Virtual ‘Circle of Trust’
Geofencing, as the name suggests, is a location-based technology fence
CircuitMod: See What Really Happens In Your Circuit
The best way to learn electronics is to see what is really happening in the circuit designed. Electronics circuit design today has become very convenient and interesting with design simulation tools.
Logisim: A User-Friendly Logic Simulator
Using logic simulator software tools, electronics designers can digitally interpret the behaviour of circuits they create.
Importance of Sensors In The IoT
In an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, two things are very important: the Internet and physical devices like sensors and actuators. As shown in Fig. 1, the bottom layer of the IoT system consists of sensor connectivity and network to collect information.
MariaDB: A Versatile Database Management System
Relational database management system (RDBMS) tools are essential for software developers. These are expected to be reliable, quick and secure.
Make In India (Market Survey)
Industrial Automation And Control: Issues And Trends
Compelled by the continuous pressure on profitability improvement, manufacturers continuously look to invest in solutions that will help them increase their productivity with minimal assets.
Make In India (Project Report)
Business Setup For E-Waste Recycling
The information and communication technology sector has witnessed unprecedented growth in the last decade across the world.
Smart World
Does Your Office Intuitively Light Itself?
Connected LED lighting can cut energy consumption by up to 80 per cent compared to conventional lighting
Smart World
The Whole (Education) Market Is Virtually
Untapped In India

Success of any technology depends on its importance for the society at large. As India has the world’s largest youth population, educational institutions play an important role in the national growth. Nidhi Arora, executive editor at EFY, in conversation with Reekrit Serai, co chair at Confederation of Indian Industry, explores technology adoption in the Indian education sector and possible business opportunities
Smart World
Solar Pumps: Renewable Energy For Better Agriculture
Solar pumps can increase incomes by three times while maintaining a safe environment
Gesture-Controlled Wheelchair Using ATmega32
Wheelchairs are useful for people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to some illness, injury or disability. There are different types of wheelchairs.
Download source code
HVDC Power Supply Design
Circuits like Geiger counters, insect zappers, Nixie tubes and sensors require high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) supplies.
Download source code
Wireless VU Meter
VU meter is a standard device that indicates
signal level in audio equipment. Unlike other devices, this meter doesn’t require physical
connection between the audio source and the circuit.
Download source code
Arduino Based Front Office Visitor Alarm
This Arduino-based visitor alarm is useful for offices, clinics and shops. It alerts you to the entry of a visitor by producing a beep sound every time the door is opened. The alarm automatically switches off after a few seconds.
Download source code
Multi-Sensor Data Plotting Using Arduino IDE
Monitoring of various process variables such as temperature, pressure, viscosity, humidity, pH and flow-rate is very important in steel plants, petrochemical and other such industries.
Download source code
Analysis Of Transformer Inrush Current Using Java
Power transformers are essential part of a power system network. A transformer is used at the transmission side to step up the voltage level and at the distribution side to step down the voltage.
Download source code
Smart Switch Box For Mobile Chargers
And Modems

Most of us leave our batteryoperated devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, power banks and modems plugged into a charger overnight—even though these devices, especially smartphones with quick-charge option, take about two hours or less to fully charge.
Tech News
. Ultrasound to help deliver drugs
. Hyperloop coming to life in Nevada
. Robocars without steering wheels coming
. Amazon opens cashierless convenience store
. Uber nearing autonomous cars without human backup driver
. The Indian messaging app Total runs without a data connection
. Security flaws in chips put virtually all phones and computers at risk

Industry News
. India’s electronics output surpasses imports
. LAVA launches ‘Design in India’ phone
. Worldwide semiconductor revenue to grow 7.5 per cent
. AI and digital assistant sales to surge
. Acer to bring Amazon Alexa to PCs
. Digicomp 2018 concludes successfully

eStyle FirstLook
. Monitor Ultra-slim frameless
. Convertible Laptop
. Portable BT Speaker
. Gaming Headset and Mouse
. Smart Android LED TV
. Home Security HD Camera
. Smartphone
. GizMo ByTes

eStyle Bikes
Smart Hit The Road Bicycles
Bicycles from Tour de France really get my
inner-cyclist all worked up! Bicycles are
becoming really handy in terms of hydraulics, lightweight, sturdiness and flexibility.
eStyle Form CES
The Shape Of Things To Come
Every year the Consumer Electronics Show, popularly known as CES and held at Las Vegas, USA, throws up some interesting products.
eStyle Gaming
Handheld Gaming Consoles Back In Action
With The Switch

Remember the good-old days of playing Super
Mario sitting in your car? The cult handheld gaming consoles of the 1990s and 2000s are back with a new life, creating a stir among the gamers once again.
eStyle Security
Top Seven Arsenals For Your Home Smart Security
For a long time I feared someone breaking into my unattended house while I was away on vacation— despite living in a manned gated society of New Delhi.
eStyle Phones
Modular Phones Covers To Make Your Smartphone Awesome
Phone covers are just for keeping smartphones safe from any external damage—right?
eStyle Buyers Guide
4G Smartphones With Rs 10,000
Nowadays even budget phones come packed
with a host of features.
eStyle Smart Cars
Towards A Driverless Future
How comfortable would you feel travelling in a driverless car? Would you like to try it or not? Does the driverless future reality excite you or scare you?
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