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May  2017   Issue Vol. 49  No. 5 

Tech Focus
One small step for AI, one giant step for Robotics
There have been immense and innumerable developments in robotics in recent times—some significant, some not so...

Decision Makers’ connect
Green Mobility Focus: Powering Automotives Globally
Have you ever looked at the world from above? One thing that defines its beauty and grandeur is the movement down under. This movement, in technical terms, is called mobility. What our world needs today is green mobility
Smart World
Drones: Show me the money
The CIA first used unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) over Afghanistan in 2000, and post the 2001 terror attacks in the USA drones have become a part of the US military...
Smart World
What’s facial recognition got to do with marketing
Plan UK, a charity foundation, never thought it would garner so much attention for its campaign ‘Because I Am A Girl.’ The organisation had received several complaints and the campaign was accused of promoting gender bias...
Smart World
How drones are providing more impact to marketing
Back in 2015, when Pepsi came up with the first global brand campaign, Genius, for Pepsi Max, the social media went abuzz...
Smart World
How artificial intelligence is shaping the healthcare industry
Back in 1970s, when MYCIN—an early backward chaining expert system for identifying bacteria that caused severe...
Materials providing invisibility to electronics
Though development and use of invisibility cloaks may not have been possible till now for large-scale objects, the technology towards invisibility based on the exotic properties exhibited by meta-materials is now well understood by scientists, engineers and technologists...
Processors undergoing changes to save power
Power versus performance is an ongoing battle, with the best involving a compromise between the two. High-performance system(s)-on-chip (SoC) designers often struggle to achieve the best possible performance-power balance...
Winkel Board: A Powerful, Integrated Solution for Makers
While building an Internet of Things (IoT) product, there is one thing that consumes a lot of time. Despite being a vital part, finding the right components to use and figuring out ways to interface these is always a huge task...
Taking on terrorism with technology
In his book Cybershock, Winn Schwartau mulls over some possible effects of a well-orchestrated electromagnetic pulses (EMP) attack upon Western infrastructure...
An introduction to MicroPython
The MicroPython project is an open source implementation of Python 3 that includes a small subset of Python...
Self-driving cars platform and their trends (Part 1 of 2)
Car companies have developed a design for universal data format that will allow for standardised vehicle data exchange, making the crowd sourcing paradigm available for self-driving automobiles...
Camouflaged past, omnipresent future
Automation is defined as carrying out a set of predefined procedures to achieve a specific outcome...
Test & Measurement
The need for calibration and how to improve it
Mistakes are an integral part of human life. Some mistakes can have a larger impact than the others, and this calls for an application...
Wireless: “Wi-Fi is the only technology that can prevail the longest”
With the Internet of Things (IoT) being the buzz word these days, umpteen choices of ultra-modern wireless technologies have cropped up. How do these stand up to Wi-Fi? Venkat Mattela, founder, chairman and chief executive officer, Redpine Signals Inc., speaks with Dilin Anand from EFY
Industrial Internet of Things: “The robot is artificially intelligent and has machine learning capabilities”
People often talk about how advanced robotics can make factories and distribution centres more efficient. Vaidya Subramaniam S., head - product management, GreyOrange, talks about the effort that goes into designing these robots, through GreyOrange’s experience in designing their own IIoT products—Butler and Sorter, in a conversation with Dilin Anand from EFY
Make In India
Market Survey: How lucrative is the IoT market in India
In the last couple of years, instead of exports and manufacturing, India’s growth story has been more dependent on the...
India Electronics Week 2017: For those who value technology
What sets India Electronics Week (IEW), organised by the EFY Group, apart from other technology shows? Through this brief report...
Renewable Energy
Which type of solar cell is best for your application
A solar panel is made up of solar cells that convert solar energy (sunlight) to electricity...
Do-It-Yourself: Facebook tips and tricks you should know
Chances are you are already familiar with one of the most popular social networks, Facebook...
Buyers’ Guide: Smartwatches: Complexity Simplified
A smartwatch has become a frenzy that is sweeping the consumer electronics world, as people are clamouring to get their hands on the best fully-capable smartwatch...
Make Your Own Remote-Controlled Robot
To control a robot, the signal is usually sent through a wireless system using radio frequency (RF) and infrared...
Download source code
Precision Stopwatch
Most laboratories and educational institutions are in need of accurate stopwatches for precision time measurement...
Download source code
Water pump dry-run guard
Here is an effective solution for protection of household submersible water pumps against dry running...
Configurable DC-to-DC Converter Module Using Three Ics
Most kits with embedded microcontrollers (MCUs) operate off a single power supply (VCC) source like 5V or 3.3V...
Contactless battery charger
These days mobile phones with contactless charging are readily available...
Arduino based Windows PC volume remote control
Presented here is a project that turns your Arduino into a remote control...
Download source code
Electronic voting machine demo using MATLAB GUI
Electronic voting machines (EVMs) are used to conduct elections in India...
Download source code
Tech News
Indian TAL BRABO robot ready for Europe
After successfully demonstrating India’s first made in India Robot called BRABO at Make in India Week...
Make in India: Industry News
Government initiatives and falling prices driving India’s LED lighting market
According to a report titled ‘India LED Lighting Market (2017-2023)’ by 6Wresearch, India’s LED lighting market is projected to grow...
New Products
.Test & Measurement

eStyle: First Look
.Kingston unveils SSDs
.OPPLE introduces innovative light for children
.ASUS launches ZenBook UX330
.Video door phones from Panasonic
.DataWind launches Punjabi education tablet
.Sennheiser releases headphones
.Smartphone from Sony
.GizMo ByTes

Build thinking machines with OpenCog
The human mind is arguably the most complex in this world. Utterly fascinating, it is an object of admiration to everyone...
Machine learning with TensorFlow
The Google Brain team developed a software library to perform machine learning across a range of tasks...
Brew some deep learning using Caffe
When a human being starts learning in the early stages of life, every vision or simulation that takes place is recorded, compared and analysed almost instantaneously in the mind...
Tools to introduce intelligence into your machines
.idealCircuit (design and simulation)
.DesignLab(design and simulation)
.PCB123 (PCB)
.OpenCog (utility)
.CoreOS (utility)
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