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November  2015   Issue Vol. 47  No. 11 

Tech Focus
Renewable Energy: From Sugar-Powered Battery to Clean Tech Inspired by Butterflies
This story begins just like any other—with a problem. There are way too many electrical and electronic appliances and devices in the world today.

Buyers’ Guide
How To Select Your Own Benchtop SMD Assembly
If you are a low-volume electronics manufacturer or a hobbyist stepping up from hand assembly, you might be overlooking how efficient you can get in production by continuing to do hand assembly.
Bioinformatics: A Shot of Life to Information Technology
Genomics is an area of study wherein we analyse the DNA sequence of an organism to determine aspects such as genes code behind beneficial traits, genes involved in inherited diseases and much more.
Power Supply
Harvesting Radio Frequency Energy
Most people do not realise that there is an abundance of energy all around us, at all times. We are being bombarded with energy waves all day long.
Cyber Crime
Digital Forensics and Investigation (Part 1 of 2)
In a world of cyber crime, an attack is any action that compromises the security policies of the system, carried out through a progression of steps, analogous to the steps of physical attacks.
How Microcontrollers are Getting Better and Better
Amicrocontroller (MCU) designed for development by software engineers is not a bad idea.
Internet of Things
Connected Systems Require Hardware Based Security
Modern applications like connected industrial systems, smartgrids, connected cars and autonomous driving widely summarised under the term the Internet of Things (IoT), see Fig. 1, have a high demand for reliable security.
Internet of Things
Demystifying the IoT for Embedded Design Engineers
With so much of buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT), electronics engineers are keen to know what it really is all about.
Test & Measurement
Classic Improvements in Power Supplies
Requirement for continuous improvement in energy efficiency keeps design engineers on the edge as they work hard to come up with better solutions.
Tech Focus
Connectivity and Consumerisation Drive Renewables
On October 2, 2015, at Times Square in New York City, USA, the renewable energy sector’s most efficient solar panel was announced by SolarCity.
American Carrier Strike Groups: An Electronic Perspective (Part 3 of 5)
The first two parts of this article, published in September and October issues, covered air defence warfare in great detail. In this part we discuss electronic warfare (EW), under-sea warfare, surface warfare and strike warfare.
Is Disruption On The Cards For Passives
“It is one of the most boring sectors in electronics,” said one of the first people interviewed for this story.
A One-Stop Shop for the Custom-Made LTE Stack
In today’s world, no one wants to be stuck at one place while using Internet-connected devices or carry around bulky wires along with the equipment they use.
Internet of Things: The industrial segment is currently the fastest growing in the IoT segment
Freescale’s ‘Internet of Tomorrow’ tour in China is tasked with the mission of having over 15,000 customer interactions in the next nine months. In an interview with EFY’s Chandramauli Mitra, John Dixon, director - corporate marketing, Freescale, talks about the opportunities that will drive the growth of the IoT
System Design: The challenge has moved from designing a board to its fabrication
Today, the design trend is moving from designing printed circuit boards (PCBs) to designing a complete system, be it a car automation system, medical automation system or phone. Let us take a look at the changes starting at the chip level. Saugat Sen, vice president, research and development, Silicon-Package-Board R&D Group, Cadence, talks to Priya Ravindran of EFY about PCB designing and its challenges
This Month’s DVD Contents
This month’s DVD is packed with some new, updated and engaging electronic design automation (EDA) tools for design and simulation, along with informative videos and source codes of projects featured in the do-it-yourself section
Make in India
Market Survey: Industrial Automation: Enabling the Next Industrial Revolution
India is vying for a spot in the global manufacturing landscape as it aims to emerge as the preferred manufacturing destination for global players.
Buyers’ Guide: Buying a High-Priced Smartphone Made Easy
A few days ago I was going through an article that talked about the significant changes happening in today’s connected world.
Top Eight Features of Microsoft Office 2016
We have all been using Microsoft Office and it has existed on almost every computer for years.
Useful Websites
Industrial Automation
Industrial automation plays a major role in achieving better productivity with improved quality, accuracy and precision. This month we have some online resources that will help you catch up with the growing trends in automation
Tech News
3D-printed shelter for astronauts on Mars
French company Fabulous has designed a conceptual shelter, dubbed Sfero, for future astronauts on planet Mars that would be 3D-printed on the red planet using locally-available materials such as the planet’s own substrata.
Make in India: Industry News
Good days coming for components manufacturers
The indigenous electronic components industry in India has never been able to grow to its full potential, primarily because the imported electronic components market flourished.
Make in India
New Products

First Look
.Motorola launches Moto X Play
.Power banks from YU
.Full-HD TV from Intex
.In-ear headphones by Bose
.Samsung launches Galaxy Tab S2
.Lenovo announces Ideacentre Stick 300
.Tata Sky+ Transfer by Tata Sky
.GizMo ByTes

Yosys: Your Solution for Synthesis
So, you are working on your circuit design and your Verilog code is ready! You have tried your hand at simulation and the code is functioning correctly.
FieldTrip: An Open Source MATLAB Toolbox for Biomedical Signal Analysis
In previous EFY Plus issue we had discussed BioSig Library for biomedical signal processing. Now, let us take a look at yet another toolbox for similar applications.
Design Digital Circuits Logicly
Students today have digital electronics as a part of their curriculum right from their high-school days.
Electronics as a Hobby
Electronics is a unique and multifaceted discipline of modern science. It is looked at from different perspectives.
ATmega16A Based GPS Receiver
A global positioning system (GPS) receiver is used to get precise geographical location by receiving information from satellites.
Download source code
Android Based Invisible Broken-Wire-Detection Robot
Electrical conductors for distribution are carried on overhead pole lines or buried underground.
Download source code
Automatic USB-Controlled Power Switch
Almost all electronic gadgets now come with one or more USB ports. You can use the USB port as an automatic switch to control devices powered by mains.
Mains Supply Interruption Alarm
This inexpensive circuit can be used as a mains supply interruption alarm. When mains supply gets interrupted, it gives an audible warning for a few seconds.
Dual Power Supply and Battery Charger
During the development of a project in electronics, you usually need a power supply of +5V. Most small projects work with current below 300mA.
Power Bank for Smartphones
This power bank can be used for charging smartphones. The circuit uses two integrated modules and a lithium-ion battery.
FreeRTOS on PIC18F4520 MCU
FreeRTOS (pronounced free-arr-toss) is an open source real-time operating system (RTOS).
Download source code
Android Application: Parallel RLC Circuit (Part 2 of 2)
In Part 1 of this article, we discussed a series RLC circuit. In this concluding part we discuss a parallel RLC circuit.
Download source code
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