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November  2016   Issue Vol. 48  No. 11 

Tech Focus
The Healing Effect: Generating Human Spares
War veterans return home with all kinds of injuries—some physical, others psychological. A missing limb, an ear blown off, scars of wars can be seen all over. Advances in technology that could fill out missing pieces sound good, do they not?

Implementing High-Security Remote Control Systems
In remote-control operated systems, security is always a concern. The system must be designed to prevent unauthorised access. Special software and encryption are used to prevent eavesdropping. This is why such systems are using encrypted communication.
Challenges Faced In Designing ‘Approved’ Medical Devices In India
The medical device industry in India is fairly new. According to Infosys, around 75 per cent of the medical equipment is imported. And the equipment is not always suitable for Indian requirements.
Augmented Reality: Revolutionising Medical Applications
Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are regarded as highlycomplex combinations in the area of computer science, VR hardware and artistic vision.
National Connectivity Via LoRaWAN In Just Eight Months
Google trends graph shows a rapid increase in the search for Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) since April 2015. “Initial challenges have been in making the common person understand the use cases.
Repair & Maintenance
Salvage Techniques For Wet Electronics
Though we all know that we should not drop electronic devices in water but wetting of electronic devices does happen accidently.
Electromagnetic Compatibility: Cable Selection And Routing Part 5 of 5)
It is frequently observed, and more so with those who design and manufacture electronic control panels, that the overall system often fails to pass electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests (particularly emissions), even though the manufacturer has meticulously taken all precautions to ensure product compliance, just because they forgot one crucial aspect of EMC design—cable routing and selection.
Analogue ASICs Made Simple
Application-specific integrated circuits, or ASICs, typically conjure up the notion of massively-complex logic chips containing tens or hundreds of thousands (even millions) of transistors configured to solve a customer’s unique set of problems.
Defence Electronics
Directed Energy Weapons: More On High-Energy Laser Weapons (Part 8 of 8)
In this concluding part of the article, let us wrap up by learning some more about high-energy laser weapons.
Artificial Intelligence
Amazon Echo: Your Personal Assistant
Whenever we come across the word personal assistant, the first thing that comes to mind is Siri. Like Siri, Amazon Echo is a great innovation in artificial intelligence (AI).
Test & Measurement
Light-Weight Power Supplies Are Not Just Benchtop Anymore
In case of power supplies, the move from a wall outlet to a benchtop might not be a significant development when we have scientists working on wireless transmission of electricity.
They Can Sell Only If It Complies With SAR Test Requirements

Telecommunication Engineering Centre and Department of Telecommunications have strict rules on SAR measurements, and it is mandatory for any mobile phone imported to India to be tested for SAR. Benoit Derat, PhD, chief executive officer and president, ART-Fi, and Rahul Gautam, head - market development, electromagnetic compatibility, Rohde & Schwarz, speaks with Sneha Ambastha, Electronics Bazaar, to share their views about the market requirement for SAR testing and its benefits
Selecting The Right Microcontroller For Embedded Applications
This article discusses the criteria for selecting the right microcontroller (MCU) for different embedded applications. It also discusses the design challenges and system limitations of MCUs in embedded applications.
Buyers’ Guide
Selecting Assembled PCB Desktop Manufacturing Equipment
This buyers’ guide explains how desktop manufacturing equipment can be used for full product realisation and to understand how production considerations inevitably impact the design process.
Make In India
Market Survey:
Catching The Pulse Of Medical Electronics Market

The strong growth of the Indian economy also provides a boost to the country’s healthcare industry. This, in turn, creates a huge demand for electronic components, devices and products that are used for medical purposes.
Escape Into The Fascinating World Of Control Simulation And Design
. ASEM-51
. Express PCB
. Mango Automation
. Sprint-Layout 6.0
. Fedora Workstation
eStyle Buyers’ Guide
Choosing Blood Sugar Monitors
Sweet, delicious, mouth-watering and zero calories! Double trouble as global blood sugar levels in humans are shooting phenomenally, along with the numbers appearing on sugar monitors.
Wireless Digital Thermometer For Multiple Sensors
My last article ‘Remote Sensing Thermometer’ published in June 2013 issue gave the constructional details of a project for sensing and measuring temperature of a body from a remote place.
Digital Soil Moisture Meter
A soil moisture meter is used for indicating the water content of a given soil sample. As crop production requires water at different stages and in different amounts, it is important to measure soil moisture from time to time to know its status.
Download source code
12V Battery Charger-Cum-Variable Power Supply
The circuit presented here can charge a 12V lead-acid battery of 50Ah to 80Ah (even up to 100Ah) capacity and can even be used as up to 18V DC variable power supply of maximum 5A capacity, which is useful for a test bench.
Simple Suitcase-Lift Alarm
This suitcase-lift alarm circuit uses vibration sensor HDX-2NC instead of a commercially available sensor. A homemade mercury switch can also be used instead.
LM386 Audio Amplifier
Here is a simple audio amplifier circuit built around 8-pin integrated circuit LM386. The author’s prototype is shown in Fig. 1.
GPS Distance Meter
Presented here is a project based on Global Positioning System (GPS) and ATmega328P-PU microcontroller to measure the distance between two points using Haversine formula.
Download source code
SMS Alert System
We receive many SMS alerts every day. These are automated messages that are broadcast to a list of mobile numbers. Ever wondered how the system works?
Download source code
IoT Based Smartcamera Using Android And Raspberry Pi
Presented here is a project that lets your Raspberry Pi (RPi) turn into a remote camera and then control and watch live video being captured by this camera on your smartphone from anywhere on the planet.
PROTEUS For Electronic Design Automation
This generation (Gen Y, born between the 1980’s and the year 2000) constantly gets bored. It is forever looking for something new and exciting, and everyone is willing to try different things as long as they can derive a good experience out of it.
Gerbv: The Gerber Viewer
The period between design completion and printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing can be tricky. First, you need to completely validate the layout you have created. Once you have finalised it but the fabrication unit finds faults, the layout has to be thoroughly analysed, errors have to be spotted and corrected, and any other suggestions to be implemented, in order to get the board you dreamt of.
GEZEL: Your Open Source HDL Solution
In this edition of Electronics for You Plus we have bundled in the DVD a nice little software capable of simulation, co-simulation as well as compiling into VHDL code. Its name is GEZEL and it is distributed for free by Patrick Schaumont and the team.
Useful Websites
This month we have for you a few websites that would help you try your hands on different types of do-it-yourself projects
Tech News
Technology Updates
China starts operation on world’s largest single-dish radio telescope
Industry News
Make In India
Electronic products policy to now focus on exports
eStyle First Look
. Xiaomi launches air purifier
. Envent launches earphones
. Intex introduces fake notes
detectorcum- currency-counting machine
. Smartphone from Google
. Video door phone from Zebronics
. iPad keyboard case from Logitech
. Fitness wearable by Samsung

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September 2016
Issue Vol. 48 No. 9


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