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Electronics For You
October  2015   Issue Vol. 47  No. 10 

Tech Focus
What’s Your Automation Style: Brainy, Brawny or Tiny?
In July this year, Changying Precision Technology Co., a manufacturer of mobile phone modules, set up the first fully-automated factory at Dongguan, China

Buyers’ Guide
The Right Mix of ESD Safety Tools for Your Environment
The most serious danger when working with electronic components is posed by electrostatic discharge (ESD). Sudden discharge of static electricity, or ESD, is very common
Fog Detection: The Optical Route
A majority of serial collision accidents happens when visibility is low due to fog
How Electronics is Helping in Sports
In this fast-changing era of modern life, electronics play a key role in improving the quality of human life and also contribute to economic growth of the nation and world at large
Internet Traffic Management Using MPLS
Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) is a telecommunication transport mechanism that directs data from one network node to the next by using labels instead of long network Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, avoiding complex lookups in a routing table
Test & Measurement
What’s New in T&M Tools for Satellite Communication
Using modular architecture and merging multiple test instruments into one solution with complementing software for test and measurement (T&M) seems to be the trend today
Tech Focus
Robotics in India: What’s Cooking?
Today aerial, land and aquatic forms of robots are used for diverse applications in medical, military, industrial, space, entertainment and domestic market sectors
American Carrier Strike Groups: An Electronic Perspective (Part 2 of 5)
The first part of this article in September issue covered defensive combat operations, air defence warfare, fighter aircraft and AEW aircraft combo (phase I), and air search radars and fighter aircraft combo (phase II)
The Era of Printed Electronics: From 3D Printing to Inkjet Printing
3D printing enthusiasts across the world have been looking forward to electronics printers
Advancements in FPGAs and Development Boards Look to Accelerate Time-To-Market
To evaluate a device and develop an application, field programmable gate array (FPGA) based development or evaluation boards are a great platform
Universal Data Acquisition and Control with Yuktix UDAC for the IoT
The Internet of Things (IoT) applications capture data from the physical world, communicate this data to a central server and run analytics on it
Internet of Things: Pay more attention to the secure storage of data collected
If the Internet of Things (IoT) is campaigning to run nearly every aspect of our digital lives, considerations need to be made to ensure a seamless and safe introduction, says Kevin Curran, IEEE senior member and reader in computer science at Ulster University, Ireland, as he talks to Dilin Anand of EFY about the challenges in implementing the IoT on a large scale
Modular T&M Instrumentation: In the automated test market... speed is usually the most important specification
To meet the requirements of automated test equipment (ATE), modular instruments play an important role and are poised to change the industry in the future. A modular approach allows customisation of requirements and reduced time-to-market. Abhishek Mutha of EFY got in touch with Bob Stasonis, sales and marketing director of Pickering Interfaces, to discuss the latest demand trends in modular instrumentation industry
This Month’s DVD Contents
In this month’s DVD we bring to you interesting, open source electronics design automation, programming and simulation tools, topped with some handy utilities and fun applications. Highlighted below are select tools from the DVD
Make in India
Market Survey: Powering Up the Solar Sector in India: An Outlook
India has an ambitious goal of installing 100GW of solar energy capacity under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) by 2022, therby redefining the earlier target of 20GW for the same period
Buyers’ Guide: How to Select the Right Tablet
Tablets are slowly becoming popular, as these have a lot more to offer in terms of style and substance. Tablets represent the biggest shift in the computing industry
DIY: Five Smartphones With 4G LTE Support
Indian telecom industry is rapidly expanding with the number of mobile phone connections going up every day. With companies like Airtel, Reliance and Vodafone launching 4G services in India, many phone manufactures are taking strong interest in the technology. Listed below are five smartphones that support 4G LTE, to suit all pockets
Useful Websites
Solar Energy
Popularity of solar energy as a renewal source of energy is growing each day. Therefore we have a few interesting websites for you this month that could help you understand more about solar power
Tech News
Indian government to launch its own operating system, BOSS
Indian government is ready to unveil a new and improved version of Bharat Operating System Solutions (BOSS), developed by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)
Make in India: Industry News
India’s defence electronics market pegged at
US$ 70 billion

According to a paper presented at Deftronics 2015 by consultancy firm Roland Berger and India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA), India’s defence electronics opportunity can cross more than US$ 70 billion over the next 15 years
Make in India
New Products

First Look
.LYCOS launches interactive smartring
.Around-ear wireless headphones by Bose
.OLED TV from LG
.YU launches pocket printer
.Zebronics launches Zeb Juke Bar
.Wireless flash drive from SanDisk

Young, Dynamic Julia for Numerical Computing
In this article we introduce you to three-year-old Julia, a high-level, high-performing dynamic programming language
Icarus Verilog for Verilog Simulation
With the VLSI industry booming, the need for electronic design automation (EDA) tools is increasing by the day. While proprietary tools serve their purpose efficiently, these cost you a bomb
Sonar Water-Level Meter
Three-fourths of the earth is water, out of which 97 per cent is saline (in oceans, seas and groundwater)
Download source code
Front End for Recording on PC from Audio Tapes and Old Disks
Like to try using your personal computer (PC) for CD-quality digital audio recording? Or for making your own CD copies of treasured old analogue recordings? Most modern PCs and their sound cards are capable of doing this, but it will be a lot easier if you build and use this handy recording front end
Wireless Mouse Charger
A wireless mouse is powered by a battery and does not have the option for charging
Four Frequencies Generator
During development, testing and maintenance of digital and analogue electronic circuits and embedded systems, there is a need for TTL and CMOS signals produced by stable frequency sources
Infrared Burglar Alarm
P assive infrared (PIR) sensors detect IR light radiating from objects in their field-of-view
Convert Your Old DVD Player With USB to a DVP
A digital versatile disk (DVD) player is an optoelectronic decoding device that sends a red laser beam to the DVD disk that is run at a certain speed
Wireless AM Listening Bug
The circuit presented here can be used to listen to the conversation going on in an adjacent room using an AM radio receiver
Assistive Device for the Speech Impaired
Speech-impaired people have difficulty in communicating with normal people because the hand gestures used by them to communicate their information is not easily understandable; only trained people can understand these
Download source code
Android Application: Series RLC Circuit (Part 1 of 2)
An RLC circuit consists of a resistor, a capacitor and an inductor connected in a series or parallel to each other. Such circuits can be used in oscillator circuits, filter circuits, radio receivers and others
BioSig for Biomedical Signal Processing
In this article we discuss BioSig library, an open source software for biomedical signal processing
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September 2015
Issue Vol. 47 No. 9


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