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May  2015   Issue Vol. 47  No. 5 

Tech Focus
Real Electronics, Learnt Virtually
Imagine you could go to a real school, college or other learning centre to study electronics; what facilities would you get to achieve your learning target?

Buyers’ Guide
How to Select a 3D Printer Under Rs 100,000
The biggest advantage of 3D printers today is rapid prototyping. At times, 3D printers could be the right equipment for low-batch production than going for traditional manufacturing
Information Technology
Data Mining: For Gold
You are moving your shopping cart towards the billing counter. The barcode of each product in your cart has already been automatically transmitted one by one to one of the billing computer systems
Everything You Wanted to Know About Modern Sensors
Various types of sensors are encountered everywhere by us every day
Tech Focus
Building Systems With Pixels
All the education in this world could not stop me from burning out parts while working on an electronics project
Test & Measurement
A Guide to Modern Digitisers
Digitiser is the generic term for a device that converts analogue data (image, sound, video, document and signal) into digital format
ARM in Your Palm
ARM is a family of instruction set architectures for computer processors based on a reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architecture developed by British company, ARM Holdings
Building a PC Control System Using Wonderware InTouch SCADA and Allen Bradley PLC
Industrial control systems are always very complex and cumbersome to handle
Defence Electronics
Precision-Guided Munitions: Radar-Guided Weapons (Part 4 of 4)
Radar guidance like infrared (IR) homing guidance is predominantly used in surface-to-air and air-to-air guided weapons
This Month’s DVD Contents
This month’s DVD is a collection of design and simulation software such as power simulator (PSIM) for power electronics and a multipurpose integrated development environment (IDE) for ARM microcontrollers for seamless control on application development
SmartCane: Indigenous Device to Help the Visually Impaired
Companies from various countries have tried in the past to develop a solution for the mobility of the visually impaired, but they have somehow always managed to produce devices that are super expensive and complicated
"It does not make sense to deliberately make things difficult"
The theoretical education imparted at engineering colleges does very little to help an engineer learn how to develop products. So, how do you get started? Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and SoC architect with Broadcom, speaks with Dilin Anand of EFY on the eve of Raspberry Pi 2 launch
"Better power saving technology is also enabling performance enhancement"
Everything today is smart, smartfactories, smarthomes and smartcars. Our devices, cars and appliances have become more efficient, are able to process faster and can deliver more features. At the core of these smart devices are the chips that make these devices work. Shinichi Yoshioka, vice president and chief, Automotive Analog and Power Systems business division, Renesas
Electronics Corp., speaks with Rahul Chopra of EFY
eStyle Buyers’ Guide
Selecting The Right LED Bulb
LED is the future of household lighting, but do we know which LED to buy? Every day we come across advertisements for LED bulbs. Even the Indian government is taking initiatives to increase their usage. However, the multiple brands available in the market often confuse buyers. EFY, in its attempt to resolve the confusion, has identified ten LED bulbs available in the market today. We started our research online with marketing sites, such as Flipkart and Amazon. Amazingly, we found almost 30 companies/brands that claimed to sell in India. Distributors and retailers we spoke with confirmed the specifications of the brands available in the market
eStyle Buyers’ Guide
Storage: Cut the Cord, Go Wireless
In today’s world, people prefer not to travel alone; they need a physical companion that they can use to carry their personal and official data, like a data storage device
Make in India
Market Survey: Telecom Technologies: Fuelling Electronics and T&M
The long term evolution (LTE) era in India started when Bharti Airtel launched the nation’s first fourth-generation (4G) telecommunication network in the city of Kolkata on April 10, 2012
Useful Websites
Electronics Projects
Building and designing your own projects is always exciting for hobbyists. This month we present some websites that will help you explore your creativity in terms of electronics projects
Tech News
World’s first self-powered camera
Researchers at Columbia University, New York, have built a camera that is capable of producing images using power harvested from surrounding incident light
First Look
.Auxus launches Auxus Beast
.Kindle Voyage by Amazon
.Sony unveils PumpX
.Creativity tablet by Eddy and Cartoon Network Enterprises
.iXpand from SanDisk
.GizMo ByTes

Make in India: Industry News
LED phosphor lights to drive global phosphor market
For decades, phosphors have been used for fluorescent lighting. With the growing usage of LEDs across the globe due to their energy-efficient operations, demand for innovative phosphor solutions has also increased
Make in India

Home Automation System
In this era of digital revolution, we are surrounded by smart devices that are capable of making decisions on their own without much human intervention
Download source code
Fire Extinguishing Robot
Fire is like a double-edged sword. Discovery of fire stands as a milestone in the history of mankind
Download source code
Intelligent Instrument Cooling Fan Driver
The circuit described here is of a temperature-controlled driver for cooling an instrument fan
Versatile Low-Cost Power Supply
LM317 is a very popular, low-cost and useful adjustable series voltage regulator. The maximal power dissipation is up to 20W
Low-Cost Metal Detector
The metal detector described here is inexpensive and easy-to-build
Raspberry Pi as Email Notifier
Here is a project that alerts you whenever a new email is received in your Gmail inbox
Download source code
Develop Your Own Android App
Have you ever thought of developing an app on Android—one of the most popular operating systems found in present smartphones?
Brain-Computer Interaction using OpenViBE
Brain signals communicating directly to a computer is never an easy task, yet it is interesting that it could help humanity in a multitude of ways
LAyout System for Individuals
LAyout System for Individuals, popularly known as LASI, is a PC based computer aided design (CAD) software primarily created for Windows operating system
Powering Power Electronic Simulations using PSIM
In this article we will discuss about PSIM, a fast, yet accurate, simulation environment for power electronic designs, motor drive simulations and energy-conversion applications
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April 2015
Issue Vol. 47 No. 4


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