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January  2017   Issue Vol. 49  No. 1 

Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning Makes Conventional Machine Learning Look Dumb
Global media has called inventor and author Ray Kurzweil everything from ‘restless genius’ and ‘the ultimate thinking machine’ to ‘rightful heir to Thomas Edison’ and ‘one of the 16 revolutionaries who made America.’

How To Take Your IIoT Device From Prototype To Product
What goes into making an Internet of Things (IoT) product? A product development cycle starts with an idea, which, if found to be technically feasible, sees funds raised to start designing the product’s prototype. This prototype is modified till it becomes a market-ready product.
An Emerging Class Of Graphene Based Electronics
In an era of electronics based civilisation there is always a demand for more, faster, better and cheaper electronic devices.
Some Ways To Beat The New Monster In Our Environment
The rapid growth of information, communication and entertainment technology sectors is ratcheting a viral effect on the manufacturing
industries, leading to phenomenal growth in volume, variety and applications.
Uncanny Vision Uses Deep Learning To Sense Unfamiliar Happenings
In the history of life on earth, animals gained the gift of organic vision approximately 700 million years ago. Over
time, we were able to use technology to invent the camera and machine vision, with functions similar to human eyes.
Dream Machines Of The Future: Computers Based On Cutting-Edge Technology
The two quotes show us how unpredictable the future is and that we probably have no idea what is in store for us in terms of the size, power, capabilities, etc of computers in, say, 50 years from now.
Some Techniques For Lowering Power Consumption
While very-large-scale integration (VLSI) and complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technologies have had an exponential growth, energy-storage technologies have grown slowly, requiring improvement in electronic circuit designs.
7nm IC Technology Trends And Challenges (Part 2 of 2)
In the previous part of this article we started learning about the trends and challenges of 7nm IC technology. Let us learn more about the same.
IoT-Enabled Air Pollution Meter With Digital Dashboard On Smartphone
Presented here is a project to monitor air quality on your smartphone using Blynk application and Arduino board. Blynk is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform to control Arduino, Raspberry Pi and the like over the Internet.
Download source code
GUI Based Error Correction In Data Communication Using MATLAB
Error correction and detection has great practical importance in maintaining data and ensuring that information is transferred intact from source to destination.
Download source code
Simple Dual-Way Amplifier For Microphone And Guitars
Aself-made audio power amplifier for a guitar or violin should be simple, low-cost and reliable. It is good to have two separate loudspeakers pointing in different directions.
Optoreflective Sensor
Here is a simple optoreflective sensor circuit based on TCRT5000 module. It is ideal for projects like robotics, position sensing, proximity sensing, detection of reflective materials and many more.
Sound-Operated Timer
This sound-operated timer is based on LM324 quad-operational amplifier and NE555 timer. Time delay can be set from a few seconds to 30 minutes.
Ultrasonic Distance Meter Using Raspberry Pi 2
Ultrasonic ranging module HC-SR04 provides 2cm to 400cm non-contact distance measurement range. Its accuracy can reach ±3mm with a cycle period of 50ms, which is the minimum time delay recommended before measurements are taken.
Download source code
Test & Measurement
Power Analysers Becoming Portable And Power-Efficient
The shift to handheld equipment has been going on for a long time. We now have handheld power supplies, multimeters and thermal imagers, among others.
Software That Can Fly Your UAVs And Drones
. Magic VLSI
. myNetPCB
. IndigoSCADA
. PX4
Make In India
Business Opportunity: For A Successful Vertical Farming Tech Business Put Farming First
If you wish to sell technology to verticals like healthcare and education, you have to learn to push technology to the background.
Make In India
The Indian Electronic Components Industry: An Outlook (Market Survey)
The Indian market for electronic products is poised for significant growth in the next few years.
Electronic Eye Security System
The electronic eye security systems available in the market are expensive, and programming is very difficult for a microcontroller based system. Here is a simple and inexpensive electronic eye security system that you can build easily.
Do-It-Yourself: Google Drive Features You Need To Know
We all know Google Drive as a safe place for all our files. You get 15GB of space to begin with, which you can use to keep photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings and video, among others.
Buyers’ Guide: Flying Drones Can Be Great Fun
Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, were originally developed for military purposes. These are aerial vehicles without a pilot, which are controlled either from ground using radio controllers or are programmed for autonomous flights.
Meet MRPT: The C++ Robotic Destination
You wake up in the morning and your cup of hot, steaming coffee is brought right up to your bed. Breakfast is just the way you like it, the house is clean and your car is ready for you.
Osmond: A Feature-Rich PCB Designing Tool
The most important part of embedded system design is the development of printed circuit boards (PCBs). PCB designing has always faced constraints in the development of an efficient design.
SmartSoft: The Framework For Robotic Systems
Artificial intelligence, mechatronics, robotics—these are fields in demand in today’s world, thanks to the dreams of living luxurious lives, having automatic facilities all around and having to put in less manual effort.
Autonomous Robots: “Theoretical Calculations Only Take You So Far"
Engineers have been hard at work developing products that can be considered s ancestors to a future Rosie, an autonomous robot maid from the popular animated sitcom Jetsons, in which humans live with robots in the future. This interview takes a look at the biggest development challenges these designers face today. Rajeev Karwal, founder and director, Milagrow Humantech, speaks with Dilin Anand from EFY
Tech News
Passive Wi-Fi system to use 10,000 times less power than traditional Wi-Fi
A team from the engineering department at University of Washington, USA, has created a Wi-Fi system that uses 10,000 times less power than traditional Wi- Fi. Passive Wi-Fi, as the team calls it, is compatible with current smartphones and routers.
Industry News
New scheme being introduced to boost electronics manufacturing
The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is planning to bring in a reworked flagship incentive scheme for electronics manufacturing,with an aim to boost local production.
eStyle: First Look
. LatestOne.com launches smartwatch
. Smart speakers from Amkette
. Smartphone from Motorola
. Noble Skiodo launches smart Android TV
. Car speaker from Pioneer
. Portable headphone amplifier from FiiO
. Xiaomi launches VR headset

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